Rosita Palladino is an Italian architect with a BArch and MArch from Politecnico di Milano and extensive experience practicing architecture in Italy and Portugal. Her multidisciplinary research approach touches anthropology, food and environmental studies, policy, arts, and activism.         Currently pursuing a Master’s in Design Studies at Harvard Graduate School of Design as an Ermenegildo Zegna Fellow, Rosita research delves into the intricate interplay between territories that undergo extraction and resulting migration patterns. Specifically, she explores the role of food-centered nostalgia as a mechanism for re-establishing cultural connections, re-affirming identity in the face of geographic displacement and for the circulation of nationally-connotated [food] commodities.        With a focus on the stories of Sardinia and the South of Italy, Rosita is passionate about bringing critical understanding and empathy across boundaries using both words and design. Her work seeks to highlight the resilience of rural communities weakened by tangible and intangible forces and uncover how design can help these communities to thrive.

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