Archive 2024-2018

«Cabane 7L»

NOW IN VILLA MEDICI, ROME !! | Ephemeral Architecture with Manuel Bouzas

«Librairie 7L»

NOW IN VILLA MEDICI, ROME !! | Interiors Design with Manuel Bouzas

«Alchemy of Repair»

coming soon! 2024 | Research and Artwork

«Hymn to Ninkasi»

2023 | Research, Spatial and Video Speculation on Fermentation with Yimei Hu

«Stitching Atomic Narratives»

2023 | Collective Research and Artwork with Mara Diavolova & Galena Sardamova

«Sardigna no est Italia: Act I»

2022 | Research.

«Pizza acknowledgment»

2022 | Research.

«Greetings from the Hinterland!»

2020-22 | Research.


2019 | Collective Project with Politecnico di Milano and DavideFabioColaci.

«A fence to stop time»

2018 | Collective Project with Spaziofuoritempo.