Milan, Italy.


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In collaboration with:
Davide Fabio Colaci, Giuseppe Cirillo, Nicola Brasetti, Dario Valenti.


Luisa Bertoldo

Eataly Milano Smeraldo, Slow Food, Politecnico di Milano.

Politecnico Team:

Rosita Palladino, Valentina Acerbis, Armin Aschenbrenner, Carla Ballesteros, Matteo Braghin, Nicolò Buizza,
Lorenzo Cellini, Luca Comerio, Giorgia Concato, Alessandro Coppola, Nicola Gamba, Max Gicklhorn, Giacomo Fabbrica, Pietro Franceschi, Gregorio Minelli, Alessandro Pasero, Pietro Rava, Camilla Sala, Nicolo’ Signori, Beatrice Utano, Benedetta Vaghi, Marta Valentino, Francesca Villa, Giovanni Zanin.
«PRATOFIORITO» is a temporary garden aimed to re-activate an urban void with a high frequency of users through the production of space with a more conscious relationship between nature and the city. Eataly promotes the project in collaboration with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and the support of the Municipality of Milan. Designed by the architect Davide Fabio Colaci with students of the Politecnico di Milano and the garden designer Dario Valenti, it donates a field full of flowers and plants that stimulate the urban biodiversity of the city.

«PRATOFIORITO» is an installation made with an embank that holds a garden with mixed species of flowers, plants, and elements related to the «Bee the future» network. The flowered enclosed by a bench; it surrounds a small protected arena for outdoor activities addressed to kindergartens and elementary schools. Education plays a crucial role in the awareness about the bees’ significance for environmental wellbeing. The purpose of Eataly is to bring back biodiversity in the urban areas through a three-year commitment to the reforestation of 100 hectares with flowers loved by bees (Calendula / Mustard / Flax / Mallow) since we must remind that «To make a seed you need a bee!».

The project includes a candy distributor for organic seeds, financed by the company «Arcoiris» to encourage people to take small actions as planting a flower on their terrace; it is a simple as essential tool to help bees come again to the cities. Likewise, the project is a tool for new ways of reactivating and populating urban voids enjoying the outdoor space, although in the middle of dense urbanization as in Milan. The arena placed in the middle of the embank is designed for the educational purpose of «PRATOFIORITO»; the seats and the circular shape give new points of view on the garden, allowing children to learn about flowers composition.

Through the installations of bees hives and the guided tours arranged by Politecnico students, preschoolers can discover various bee species, which live in different ways, revealing the complex systems of these insects.