Amalfi Coast, Italy.

«Greetings from the Hinterland!»

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Gianluca Busani

Politecnico di Milano

Elisabetta Bersani,
Lola E. Ottolini
The research aims to discover the Amalfi Coast’s multiple features to unfold the territory’s canonical image commonly associated with seaside tourism. By systematizing the different scenarios of this place, it is possible to rediscover a historical and naturalistic complexity that has been neglected over the decades in favor of an exploration limited to the coast. In bringing to light some of the unknown pieces, we find Tramonti, one of the under-appreciated villages with great potential in the Amalfi Coast hinterland.

Only 7 kilometers from the coast, perched in the Monti Lattari park, Tramonti remains progressively excluded from the lure of the other Unesco destinations: Amalfi, Ravello, and Positano. The research intends to decode the causes that have led to the progressive underutilization of territorial capital and to find n Tramonti’s archaeology a narrative on which to base its development. To uncover the history and traditions of this rural village, the support of the Acarbio NGO and Tramonti citizens was essential. The research outcomes are workshops encouraging collaboration and visions to enhance the village’s public spaces.