Roma, Italy

«Librairie 7L»


Rosita Palladino and Manuel Bouzas. 

Villa Médicis: Académie de France à Rome

Librairie 7L

Established in Paris in 1999 by the world-renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, the Library 7L became a significant cultural landmark before being acquired by CHANEL in 2021. This project seeks to reimagine the Rome-based library, incorporating specifically designed furniture that not only showcases the books but also enhances the overall visitor experience. Inspired by the iconic Bouquinistes bookstalls lining the banks of the Seine in Paris, six pine wood modules are designed as boxes that can be opened or closed. These adaptable units are constructed to display an array of items, from books to art pieces created by academy residents, offering flexibility for indoor use or outdoor setups to facilitate public engagements, book launches, dialogues, events, and beyond.